Wicker Furniture in Indianapolis: Eco-friendly Living Room’s Good Bet

A new year is nigh. For some people, it’s the perfect time to make new year’s resolutions, for others, it is the perfect time to keep watch on upcoming trends—whether in celebrity, fashion, or interior design. The Lushome.com staff does the latter and provides a list of interior design trends for 2015. Here’s a brief…

Versatile Outdoor Furniture in Indianapolis for Year-Round Patios

Who says patios can’t be enjoyed year-round? In an article for The Gadsden Times, Diana Marszalek of the Associated Press shows how lovely it is to spend chillier months outside, especially if you’re living in Midwestern states where fall and winter temperatures are relatively mild. Whether you want to relax with your family or entertain…

A Quick Guide to Proper Indianapolis Wicker Furniture Maintenance

Indianapolis wicker furniture will always be a popular addition to a home. The blend of natural fibers and expert craftsmanship make it a perennial favorite among homeowners, regardless of whether the piece is added indoors or outdoors. Apart from the classic beauty of wicker furniture, the material itself is quite durable.

Create a True Tropical Feel with Outdoor Furniture in Indianapolis

Summer has arrived and homeowners across the nation are looking to make the most of the sunny outdoors. The first thing they do: Spice up the look of their porches to create outdoor havens. Angie Hicks, in this excerpt from her article on The Charlotte Observer, points out: