A new year is nigh. For some people, it’s the perfect time to make new year’s resolutions, for others, it is the perfect time to keep watch on upcoming trends—whether in celebrity, fashion, or interior design. The Lushome.com staff does the latter and provides a list of interior design trends for 2015. Here’s a brief look:

Popular Interior Design

1. Green ideas, natural interior decorating materials, nature inspired designs and decorating color schemes, neutral colors and eco-friendly products for home design and decorating, room furniture and home fabrics made with natural fibers, bright color accents that nature creates are great ways to enjoy modern interior design trends in 2015.

Some may argue, though, that embracing environment-friendly fabrics and furniture in Indianapolis and elsewhere is not a very big trend these days. After all, this city’s planet-saving measures are already a community-wide effort as indicated by solar farms, electric car rentals, bike sharing, and eco-savvy attractions. What residents can do then is to transform their living room in such a way that it reflects their eco-friendly stance. Here are tips to keep in mind:

Choose organic furniture

Homeowners can choose from a plethora of furniture made from organic materials, like wood and wicker. Wood can either be soft wood or hard wood, while wicker is typically made from rattan, willow, or rush. An advantage of wicker furniture from Indianapolis manufacturers like Wicker Works of Brownsburg is that it’s versatile enough to work with any style, be it contemporary or rustic, whereas wood furniture is quite limiting and typically only works with country style.

Bring in the plants

What better way for locals to show their earth friendliness than by incorporating indoor plants in their living room’s interior design? Of course, the key here is subtlety, unless they want to draw Tarzan and Jane into their living room. Choosing virtual micro-gardens like terrariums is a great idea as these require little maintenance, allowing even those without green thumbs to take care of them.

Go for eco-friendly lighting

Is there still any doubt that light emitting diodes or LEDs are today’s most eco-friendly lighting? Lighting fixtures with LEDs, though, don’t have to be drab since locals can go for decorative and stylish lamps with LED bulbs.

Green is definitely in for 2015, and it’s true when it comes to interior design. A good place to start is the living room. Thankfully, with an abundance of eco-friendly options, locals have plenty of ways to enliven their living room while sticking to their earth-friendliness beliefs at the same time.

(Source: Top 10 Popular Interior Design Trends 2015, lushome.com, November 29, 2014)