Summer has arrived and homeowners across the nation are looking to make the most of the sunny outdoors. The first thing they do: Spice up the look of their porches to create outdoor havens. Angie Hicks, in this excerpt from her article on The Charlotte Observer, points out:

“No matter how small it may be, a porch lets you live large. Few home experiences approach paradise quite like an afternoon curled up in a wicker rocker, reading a good book, or an evening of entertaining with your favorite folks.”

Oftentimes, people without time to go on summer vacations make up for it by creating their own holiday outdoors, using tropics-inspired trinkets and handpicked outdoor furniture in Indianapolis. Here are a few tips to achieve the authentic tropical haven atmosphere for your porch:

how to get your screened porch ready for summer

Use bright colors

Summer season is all about vibrant hues, and creating your home-based haven. It means playing up the right colors—oranges and yellows, hot pinks and lime greens, and turquoise; the infinite variations of tones and shades in between can animate any place. You can feature several color combinations, though not necessarily complimentary. The point is to draw out the bright smiles and cheers from everyone.

Use light furniture

Bulky, heavy furniture aren’t tropical at all. Wicker is the popular—and classic—summer choice. You can combine wicker furniture with accents, such as light green walls, shabby-chic pillows, and farmhouse-style windows for a perfect, old-fashioned summertime lounging. Stores like Wicker Works of Brownsburg that sell beautiful Indianapolis patio furniture are good places to jumpstart your redecorating plans.

Simulate flowing water

Flowing water is one of the most relaxing sounds ever. Use a waterfall simulator or a small fountain, making it either a centerpiece or a small side décor. Not only does it set up a refreshing ambience right in your own yard, but it also produces negative ions that reduce dust and airborne allergens, and purify the air around you.

Decorate with tropical plants

Get your hands on some bamboo, lush palm trees, or even exotic orchids to complete the overall look. A judicious selection of tropical flora, if space would allow, can effectively take you out of the bustle of your world and into a place of Nature that reinvigorates. You can also hang well-chosen outdoor and indoor plants in pots, their vines trailing down or creeping along the wall, adding to the tropical feel.

(Source: How to Get your Screened Porch Ready for Summer, Charlotte Observer, June 4, 2014)