Indianapolis has always been known for its harsh cold winters, and early 2015 will be no different. According to the staff:

Weather Forecast for Indianapolis

Winter will be colder than normal, with the coldest periods in late December, throughout January, and in early February. Precipitation will be below normal in the east and near normal in the west. Snowfall will be above normal in most of the region, with the snowiest periods in mid-December, early and mid-January, and early February.

With this in mind, locals really have to brace themselves to survive what Old Man Winter has in store for them for 2015. In fact, as early as the last week of November, 2014, the city already experienced a record for early season snowfall, and one can only imagine what lies next. Most long-time residents have their winter survival skills down pat, and they make sure to winterize their home ahead of time. Still, some may not be aware that their outdoor furniture in Indianapolis needs protection from the winter season as much as their roofs and gutters. Here is a brief guide to get them on the right track:

Storage preparation

Ideally, outdoor furniture pieces fare better in storage than leaving them out in the cold. This is especially true if homeowners have a furniture set made from wicker, which is any natural material such as rattan, rush, and willow.

The key is to clean the pieces with mild soap and warm water before putting them in storage. Owners should gently scrub or brush the surface when cleaning, and afterward, opt for air dry or towel dry to preserve the furniture’s quality.

Custom-made covers

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of space, and for them, storing their garden furniture is simply not possible. Luckily, these homeowners can still prevent the pieces from succumbing to the effects of winter through patio furniture covers from home supply stores. These are typically made from polyester and PVC. Choose covers that reach up the legs to mitigate the effects of splashing water.

DIY covers

Homeowners can also go the DIY route for their covers. All they’ll need is an old tarpaulin—perhaps they have a used one from their kid’s birthday party. They can secure this by using ordinary rope or bungee cords.

Winter can be especially tough on outdoor furniture. The good news is, homeowners have several options to keep the worst of the season’s chill at bay. By winterizing their lovely pieces, they can look forward to enjoying their outdoor living space once spring begins. If their sturdy Indianapolis patio furniture is in need of an update, a great choice will be to go for weather-resistant pieces from Wicker Works of Brownsburg.

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