For any homeowner looking to decorate their patio, there are several Indianapolis outdoor furniture options. One of the better choices is to buy wicker furniture. Though people may doubt whether it’s a durable enough option to tough out the exposure of the outdoors. However, Abe Abbas wrote an article for that describes how wicker furniture survives the elements:

What is Wicker

Outdoor wicker furniture usually has aluminum frames. The aluminum and the synthetic vinyl and resins keep the wicker look, but will last outdoors despite sunlight and moisture. But even so care should be taken to keep the furniture dry as moisture leads to mildew. You might also keep it out from too much sun can cause splintering in certain types of wicker.

Additionally, wicker furniture can be made from synthetic materials. Usually recycled plastics, they can last a long time and are quite eco-friendly. With weather-proofing you can expect to be using these furniture sets for a long time. There are also several other advantages for getting wicker furniture.

First, wicker furniture is widely available, with different brands offering a large set of choices for any buyer. There are many stores selling wicker patio furniture for Indianapolis homes, some of them even specializing in it, like the Wicker Works of Brownsburg. This abundance of suppliers and brands is reflected in the available designs; people can get traditional wicker designs but they can also get modern and avant-garde furniture.

Second, wicker furniture is lightweight. Patios are where people socialize and relax; sometimes this means an impromptu change in location as you move the barbecue somewhere. Normal wooden or metal furniture sets would be difficult to move; wicker furniture takes little effort to relocate. The lightness is deceptive though – they can be sturdy enough for a guest of any size.

Third, wicker furniture can be easy to maintain. All you need is a brush or a rag to clean it of dirt. The resin covering is easy to clean. Just a soft cloth moistened with water is enough to wipe off the dirt, while a toothbrush may be needed to get the dirt in crevices. A weekly cleansing should give the furniture a natural shine. The only other concern is to make sure that the furniture set isn’t exposed to too much sun – it can crack the resin and cause further damage.

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