There are a lot of available options for furniture in Indianapolis, ranging from futuristic modern glass and metal designs to more familiar wooden creations. However, if you want to have a real classic feel to your room’s design, wicker-type furniture is one of the better choices.

Buying Wicker Furniture

A classic design that has been seen in homes since the early days of human history, wicker furniture is actually named for how it is made, and not the material. Usual materials that wicker furniture are composed of are willow, rush, and rattan core, though more modern pieces are made of plastic. They are woven into a wicker design, thus the name.

For any homeowner thinking of getting wicker furniture, there are several things to consider. One of the things homeowners should consider is whether to use natural or synthetic materials. Rohini Mohan wrote an article for about the relative differences between the two:

Both natural and synthetic wicker furniture is durable and attractive. However, as mentioned earlier, for outdoor use, the furniture needs to be provided greater protection in order to last several years. Natural wicker is best-suited for indoor use, where it can be protected from the damaging effects of the elements. That being said, natural wickerwork requires more maintenance as compared to synthetic furniture. Caring for wicker furniture involves regular cleaning to keep dust away. It may also require cleaning with bleach to remove mildew, and timely treatments with gloss lacquer to prevent the furniture from looking timeworn. On the other hand, other than the occasional dusting, synthetic wicker does not require much looking after. Secondly, such materials tend to last for several years without much maintenance.

Another thing to consider is the weave. Unlike more solid furniture, you can’t just trust the weave to hold together. You’ll have to check if the weaves are tight and the fibers are sturdy, with no damaged ends peeking out. Additional checks involve the paint and the gloss, to see if they are properly applied.

Next, prospective buyers should check the size of the furniture. Part of buying furniture is to have it properly sized so that it would fit the room. Additionally, the number of pieces should be considered, whether they be chairs, couches or tables.

Finally, pricing is another consideration. There are several places to buy wicker furniture in Indianapolis, like the Wicker Works of Brownsburg, that sell such pieces, and often have a wide range to choose from. Wicker furniture with tighter and stronger weave patterns tend to be more expensive because of the amount of labor that went into making them. The quality of material also affects this, with better and tougher reeds adding to the price.

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