There isn’t much to do out on your patio if you don’t have the right type of outdoor furniture. In such cases, why have a patio in the first place, right? Luckily, there are many types of outdoor furniture to choose from. One popular choice for outdoor furniture in Indianapolis is wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture borrows its name from the process used to make it rather than the material used. In fact, wicker furniture can be made from a variety of sustainable materials, including rattan, bamboo, and reed. In addition, wicker furniture retains the durability of the material used to craft it.

furniture shopping 101

If you decide to go with wicker furniture, be sure to drop by a reputable supplier of wicker outdoor patio furniture in Indianapolis. A trusted supplier like Wicker Works of Brownsburg will definitely have a large supply of top-quality furniture for you to choose from. If you are having trouble deciding which item to purchase, use these tips to narrow down your selection:

Study Your Patio

Although there are no doubts regarding the durability of wicker furniture, you will still want to guarantee it will last. This is especially true for outdoor furniture since they are exposed to the variety of weather patterns common in Indianapolis.

If you plan to place your wicker furniture in the shade, you’re free to choose from virtually any type you find. Afterward, speak to an expert to see if you can add a weather-resistant coat for extra protection. If you plan to leave the furniture in an area that is constantly exposed to the sun, you may want to consider all-weather wicker furniture.

Check the Finish

The quality of the piece’s finish greatly influences its durability. To help you determine the quality of the finish, an article from Better Homes and Gardens offers this tip:

“An even, rich, and deep paint or stain finish should not be used to camouflage flaws. If the finish is translucent, it should be even and the grain should show through; if it is an opaque finish, the consistency should be even, never bubbled or showing brush strokes. Wicker and rattan pieces should be smooth without splinters or ends sticking out, and weaves should be tight and uniform and never clogged with paint.”

Take your time when choosing wicker furniture for your patio. By following the tips above and being thorough in your search, you’re sure to find wicker furniture that will keep your patio beautiful and functional for years to come.

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