Home life in Circle City houses can be quite comfortable, but what is a house without furniture from Indianapolis stores if not a cold, unappealing building? Indeed, homeowners and visitors alike tend to value comfort based on the quality of fixtures like chairs, couches, and tables– but if you only have a small living room to entertain your guests in, how much furniture can you really have then? Here are some helpful tips that should allow you to design and lay out your tiny space without having to sacrifice comfort:

ideas for small living room furniture arrangement

Visually Lightweight Furniture

When buying furniture from distributors like Wicker Works of Brownsburg, be sure to buy pieces with colors or shades that won’t end up looking heavy or bulky, as this might choke-up what little space you have. You should also look for sofas or couches with legs that aren’t hidden in the fabric or leather that make up the upholstery because they will make a lot more of the floor visible and unobstructed, thus providing the effect of a larger room.

Simple Sofa and Table

For small families or people living alone, the minimalist approach might be best for your living room. Don’t buy too much furniture; just go for a single sectional sofa and a coffee table as the room’s centerpiece. Choose a coffee table with a clear, transparent glass or acrylic top (see ‘unobstructed floor’ above).

Kid-friendly Layouts

Here are some tips from About.com contributor Tonya Lee on making your living room more child-friendly (especially with regards to storing toys):

“• To save money, look for stock kitchen cabinetry at building supply companies. Bedroom wardrobe or closet storage systems can also be modified for a living space. Set stand-alone pantries side-by-side on a longer wall to create a one-unit look.
• Home Depot, Target, Lowes, IKEA or other big box stores often offer good storage solutions for cheap, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Wall-mounted clementine crates or old filing cabinets can create a fabulous look (and lots of storage) for pennies!”

Emphasize the Vertical

Make your living room look bigger by keeping focus not only on the horizontal aspects of your space, but the vertical as well. You can opt to hang long draperies, tapestries or paintings from a high point in the wall until it droops down near the floor. This way, your visitors’ eyes will have to register the vertical aspect of your space.

Regardless of the size of your room, it always pays to choose durable material like wicker furniture from Indianapolis stores. Don’t let having a small living room keep you from getting the best out of comfortable furniture.

(Source: Ideas for Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement, About.com)

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