Whether it be for use in your patio, or purely for indoor use, you can never go wrong with wicker furniture from Indianapolis sources like Wicker Works of Brownsburg. Wicker products are strong and durable, able to withstand weather and wear much longer than almost any other material. Nevertheless, as is any piece of furniture you have in your home, it is not without any need for care. Below are a few tips on the proper way to take care of your wicker furniture.

wicker patio furniture care and cleaning

The Basics

To take care of your wicker furniture, first know as much as you can about the material process, and what makes furniture made from wicker, sturdy. Did you know that wicker isn’t a single type of material? Wicker actually refers to the method of weaving and bending various materials like paper, rattan, grasses, and even bamboo, until the resulting product becomes rigid and sturdy. In many cases, it can be quite easy to spot the source of your wicker, as in the unique rings of bamboos.

Dusting for Longevity

It’s not terribly hard for your wicker furniture to gather dust, dirt, and other debris from the surrounding air, especially if you leave them out in the patio. For this reason, it’s important to dust and clean your furniture regularly, as all these debris could significantly cut down on the material’s longevity, or worse, might even cause allergic reactions on some of your family members.

Bad Weather Maintenance

Your outdoor furniture, in particular, is constantly under threat of wear and tear from the weather, which is why an article in About.com advises, thus:

“Although wicker that is made for outdoor use can stay outdoors pretty much around the year, you should be aware that when the weather is too cold, it can become stiff, or a bit more elastic when it is very hot. Also, too much moisture can make it sag and cause mildew.

A simple solution for extending your wicker furniture’s lifespan could be to cover it up or move it to a more protected spot when the temperature is too hot, cold or raining. It may not be getting much use under those conditions anyway.”

Restoring Wicker

If you have a piece of wicker furniture that’s already showing its age, you can restore it using some linseed oil. Rub some on the worn parts of the piece and wipe off the excess. Don’t use the furniture for a few days after oiling.

Regular maintenance is still one of the best ways to prolong the life of your wicker furniture in Indianapolis. Knowing how to clean your furniture can save you from having to replace it so often due to wear or damage.

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