By: Wacky Brown

Your home’s furniture is likely to be a hodge-podge of second-hand pieces, furniture from your former home, and a handful of new purchases from furniture stores in Indianapolis Indiana. While it seems not at all possible to find a way for these pieces to match, there are actually ways to make a small collection of odd furniture work together. Listed below are a few furniture characteristics to look out for to help you coordinate your pieces accordingly.

What are the Basic Elements to Consider?

There are basically three elements to bear in mind when coordinating your home’s furniture. These include the furniture’s line, color, and the material it is made of. These elements may be applied separately to properly arrange a few pieces of furniture or to put together an entire room.

Furniture lines refer to shape and construction. Examples of these include the sleek lines evoked by most minimalist and contemporary pieces of furniture and ornate and curvy lines of a Victorian dining chair. Furniture lines may range from the simplest of boxy couches and ottomans to the round-shaped carpets and lamps. Create a more organized design concept by putting together furniture with similar lines or arranging them such that they complement one another.

Another characteristic to consider is the furniture’s color. Colors can range from anything like a steel chair’s metal finish to a wooden dining table’s shade of varnish coating. When working with colors and how to match them accordingly, it helps to have a color wheel at hand. A color wheel diagram would show you which colors complement one another for a more unified look and which ones add a striking contrast to a given room. If you’re looking for a statement furniture piece for your home, the furniture stores Indianapolis has like Wicker Works, Inc. offer a number of stand-out pieces that would fit right in your home.

Furniture textile and materials are other factors that can spell the difference between a room filled with random furniture and a carefully designed and coordinated living space. To add contrast, try mixing furniture made of rustic and rugged materials with smooth accents. A great example of this would be to pair a couch that has velvet upholstery with a woodwork coffee table from Classic Rattan.

When deciding which furniture goes with which, think about how the abovementioned elements and how they relate to the furniture you have. Be creative and don’t be afraid to match your recently bought items from the furniture stores Indianapolis IN has with those you’ve had forever. Overall, taking these elements into consideration will help you create a cozy and attractive space.

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