By: Wacky Brown

When a group of European scholars came up with Gestalt psychology in the 1920s, the idea of its principles being applied to furniture design never crossed their mind. Believe it or not, this old principle of “the whole is different from the sum of its parts” can be applied to furniture design. In terms of furniture design, pieces of furniture Indianapolis IN shops like Wicker Works have are the pieces, while the appearance of their arrangement is the puzzle.

Gestalt psychology talks about how the totality of one object is greater than the parts that make it up. In furniture terms, tables, sofas, and other decors can be put together to create an entirely new image. It also means that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions if the design of your living room is not yet complete. The principles of Gestalt psychology – which govern human perception – consist of six laws:

Law of proximity

The law of proximity states that things that are close to each other appear as a coherent object. The space between objects can dictate whether the overall profile is arranged in columns or in rows. This law can be used in making separate areas in the living room by grouping furniture of the same color or shape.

Law of similarity

The law of similarity states that people tend to group similar things as one. In the living room, it’s natural for people to see a single chair in a group of sofas. It creates some sort of distinction in interior design.

Law of good continuation

The law of good continuation states that things that make an implied direction are usually seen as one. If you see two lines crossing paths, you will normally see it as two lines, not angles. By arranging furniture in Indianapolis to establish a continuous line, the living room can be seen as a whole.

Law of closure

The law of closure states that people tend to close any gaps in a particular profile. For interior designers, it’s hard to leave a gap in their designs since many people may think that the design is incomplete. Take note of this principle when arranging furniture.

Law of figure-ground

The law of figure-ground states how separate ideas can be perceived from the base. Any design of furniture can yield multiple impressions that can be used to your design’s advantage. You can experiment with different furniture arrangements to create unique concepts.

Law of good form

Also called the law of pragnanz (German for “pregnant”), this law explains how symmetry and simplicity is considered good form. Symmetry is important for any arrangement of furniture Indianapolis homes have. People perceive symmetrical profiles as balanced and harmonious.

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