By: Wacky Brown

furniture indianapolisWicker furniture like the ones sold by Wicker Works, Inc. is quite easy to clean. All you have to do is brush it once in a while to get the dust off. That’s why this type of furniture is ideal not only for indoor spaces, but for patios, porches and other outdoor areas as well. It is quite resilient, so you can leave your wicker-based Indianapolis furniture outside your house, confident that it won’t rapidly succumb to the elements.

The term “wicker” actually refers to any natural or man-made material that can be woven into furniture. For outdoor furniture, synthetic resin and vinyl are often the material of choice, but natural wicker materials like bamboo, rattan, reed, and willow are also used. The same weaving processes can be applied to both natural and man-made weaving materials to achieve the same wicker look.

Rattan is the most widely used material for indoor wicker furniture. Wicker furniture made of rattan or any other natural material may also be used outdoors; however, this is not advisable because excessive moisture and sunlight can damage it. Wicker furniture made of synthetic materials is ideal for outdoor use.

furniture indianapolis inIndiana has a humid continental climate, with cold winters, and warm, rainy summers. Although wicker furniture in Indianapolis IN that is made of synthetic material can pretty much stay outdoors all year round, you should be aware that it needs extra care during extreme conditions. The synthetic material can become soft when it’s too hot, and it can become brittle when it gets too cold. Also, exposure to too much moisture can make it sag or invite the growth of mildew.

A simple solution to protect your wicker furniture will be to cover it up or move it to a shaded spot when the weather gets too hot or cold, or when it rains. The furniture won’t be of much use in these conditions anyway, so it’s best to protect it when these conditions occur. This way, you’ll be able to extend the lifespan of your furniture.

You need to inspect the weave of your wicker furniture from time to time to see if there are portions that have shifted. Should this happen, you can simply return the weave into place with your fingers. If your wicker furniture is painted, you can use spray paint to cover up any damages to the finish.

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