By: Wacky Brown

Many homeowners are fond of the unique and nostalgic appeal of wicker furniture, but shy away from actually buying them because the thought of cleaning them can be taxing. Don’t stop yourself from buying these stylish pieces because you got the same impression. Cleaning wicker is a breeze. Take a look at the following tips.

Your Tools

Some simple cleaning tools are just around the house to help you clean even the remote corners and gaps of your furniture. These include toothbrush, paint brush, bristle brush, and a dowel. Don’t forget the vacuum cleaner and the dry cloth.

The Cleaning Process

You have to remove all the dust first. Use a vacuum cleaner with a dust brush attachment. After dusting, mix a cleaning solution from two tablespoons of ammonia and a gallon of water. Do away with strong cleaning agents, as they will only affect the finish of the material.

Control the use of water. Don’t let the furniture stay wet for too long to prevent them from drying into a quite distorted figure. Use a hose when rinsing so the water will reach the gaps and cracks. Dry them with cloth that easily absorbs water.

Maintaining Your Furniture

Maintaining wicker is actually easier than cleaning them. Dust them regularly; make it easier by using a vacuum cleaner or a fine brush. When someone spills something onto your furniture, clean them up immediately, as wicker absorbs liquid easily. Use a simple soap and water solution.

You can use wicker furnishings outdoor, but put them in an area away from the sun. Finally, eliminate mildews and molds using a bleach solution.

A set of wicker furniture pieces adds appeal to your patio or garden setup. Don’t be afraid of owning them just because you think they’re difficult to clean. Browse our catalog and contact us if you want to   find items that don’t require high maintenance.

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