By: Wacky Brown

furniture stores in indianapolisWicker is one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture sold by reputable furniture stores in Indianapolis. Its many variations in type and form can surely overwhelm any average furniture buyer. You may be surprised to discover that the term “wicker” doesn’t actually refer to the material, but to the method of weaving used to make the furniture. Wicker materials can be bamboo, reed, rattan, willow, even fiberglass resin.

Wicker has a very long and storied history – people from ancient civilizations used it in baskets and chairs, the Romans introduced it to the British, and Portuguese traders distributed it throughout Europe. It fell out of fashion around the mid 1700s but regained popularity during the Victorian era when people believed it was more sanitary than upholstered furniture. This belief bolstered the production of wicker furniture in America in the 1840s.

furniture store IndianapolisWicker furniture offers a splendid range of designs and finishes; and can be compatible with almost any décor. The only important consideration is your ability to choose the right wicker furniture for your home. When choosing wicker furniture, you need to take account the furniture design, the space you will be putting it in, and your personal lifestyle.

Wicker furniture sold in the county seat of Marion County, Indiana made from natural materials like rattan and bamboo are best used indoors. If left outside for lengthy periods, moisture and heat could speed up its deterioration. If you’re buying wicker items from your favorite furniture store in Indianapolis for your patio or porch, choose the ones that are made from synthetic resin or vinyl instead.

Wicker furniture made of synthetic materials usually contains UV inhibitors that repel the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Synthetic wicker pieces are likely to be framed with aluminum to complement the synthetic material’s ability to withstand bad weather. Nonetheless, to make sure they last long, cover them up or bring them indoors during bouts of extremely hot or extremely cold weather, or when it’s raining.

Wicker furniture adds a sense of relaxation to any décor. These pieces are perfect if you are looking for a less formal, laid-back look. They are also easy to clean, making them the perfect choice if you want low-maintenance furniture in your home.

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