By: Wacky Brown

furniture in indianapolisIf you own a home in a quaint neighborhood in Indianapolis, your enjoyment of the nearby scenery – both natural and man-made – will undoubtedly be enhanced with a nicely decorated front porch or patio. To truly enhance the experience, you can get a comfortable set of Indianapolis wicker furniture from stores like Wicker Works. On the other hand, as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as wicker furniture may be, you will have to protect it from the harsh effects of local weather conditions.

It is important that you clean your wicker furniture first to ensure that it is free from dust and grime before applying any seals. After cleaning, you can apply a varnish or lacquer seal. This will not only improve the furniture’s shine, but will also prevent it from cracking. Use a paintbrush to even out the application, and let it dry for up to 24 hours.

As much as possible, avoid exposing your wicker furniture to excessive amounts of sunlight. Place it in a shaded spot where it won’t be exposed to harsh sunlight for long hours each day. This is because too much exposure to sunlight can cause the wicker to dry up, leaving it prone to breakage and fading. You can also add a removable umbrella to your wicker table to add style to your yard and provide much needed shade.

chair1You should clean your wicker furniture regularly to ensure that it stays in excellent condition. When vacuuming the furniture, be sure to follow the direction of the weave to avoid damaging the individual woven strands. You can use an old toothbrush or paintbrush to remove the debris stuck in between the weaves.

During the cooler months, you should store your wicker furniture in your garage or any other enclosed area. Rain, snow, and frigid temperatures can be very damaging to the wicker material. These aggressors could cause the reeds to become brittle, which will lead to breakage and mildew growth.

Taking care of your quality furniture in Indianapolis will not only protect your investment, but will also enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. With sturdy and pristine wicker furniture, you can enjoy lazy summer days relaxing with a good novel or having lemonade with your family on the front porch or patio.



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