By: Wacky Brown

If your design style is leaning toward the beautifully odd, gently worn, and subtly masculine, then wicker furniture can work for you.

Woven furnishings don’t have to remind you of grandma’s house. You can use these classic woven materials in completely modern ways. Manufactured using the latest techniques and materials, newer woven pieces can stand up to the challenges of modern times.

Woven furniture pieces that offer a relaxed, luxurious feel include sea grass chairs around a farmhouse table, rattan stools in front of a bar, and wicker storage boxes at the base of a plush bed. These make the space feel more casual even with other formal furnishings around, encouraging you to stay a while.

Working with Woven Furniture

These pieces work with all styles, and you can easily blend them with your existing design. In contemporary settings, woven stools balance out sharp angles and add color to clean spaces.

Woven furniture also creates different environments. Darker woven pieces create an exotic plantation feel. Paired with cream-colored cushions, dark woven wingbacks exude a relaxed yet elegant look. Dark woven chairs also work in smaller spaces, or areas with deeper tones. They can also stand alone when paired with an upholstered ottoman.

Putting together a bunch of wicker furnishings inspires a Bohemian-Celtic space. Cushions with bright patterns, tablecloths and pillows on vintage woven pieces can offer a fun and inviting space.

Textiles can also help disguise and protect damaged woven furniture. Vintage wicker tends to snap and it’s wise add textiles to solve this problem. Pairing vintage woven pieces with modern furnishings, accessories, and textiles make them refreshing to look at.

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