By: Wacky Brown

The city of Indianapolis has a good urban forestry program recognized by the Tree City USA Program of the National Arbor Day Foundation. This means that the trees in the state are well-cared for and managed. If you live here, your house may have that refreshing tree-filled yard that makes an excellent place for some outdoor furniture. If you want to lounge amidst the beauty of nature right in your own backyard, here are some tips to properly maintain the garden set you bought from furniture stores in Indianapolis.


image1The most basic way, of course, to protect your patio furniture is to keep them clean. Use a simple solution of soap and water to do this. Wash each piece with a pressure washer or garden hose, then apply liquid soap to a sponge and wipe all corners and edges. Rinse everything and let each piece dry.


You need to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements like heat, frost and rain. Some furniture stores like Wicker Works, Inc. give instructions on how to reinforce their outdoor furniture to prevent rot, rust and mildew growth. Keep wood from damage with wax, protective paste and water sealant; and wrought-iron furniture with automotive wax.


If you plan to leave your patio furniture outside for long periods, put moisture protective covers over them. You can use a simple plastic cover or a heavy-duty, water-repellant fabric for most furniture like wicker. Remember that moisture can ruin the paint or cause wood to fade and weaken.


image3If you have an enclosed garage or a spacious basement, stow your garden or patio set during winter. Keeping furniture indoors during off-seasons will minimize wear and tear. Besides, you can’t use them anyway if there’s heavy rain or snow fall. You can find several furniture pieces in different finish, texture and color from Indianapolis patio furniture stores. There are sunroom, deck and patio sets for the outdoors, andbedroom, living and dining sets for the indoors. You can also choose from a variety of materials like rattan, wicker and aluminum. Just keep in mind that they need proper care so you can enjoy using them for many years.

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