By: Wacky Brown

Good furniture adds to the beauty and comfort of a home. Make your place look great with the right type of furniture. There are many types available – wood, wrought iron, plastic, and wicker furniture. Choosing  can be difficult, as each piece looks great on its own.

How does wicker compare to other popular wood and iron furniture? Wicker is a good choice when you want sturdy furniture that can last for years. They are more cost-efficient and environment friendly compared to other types. Wicker furniture is made from rattan materials, which is relatively cheaper than oak, redwood, or maple tree fittings. Metal furnishings are also expensive due to the cost and labor to work metal and create different designs.

Lightweight Furniture

There are times when you need to cart your outdoor furniture in when the weather is bad. Wood and iron furniture can make you huff and puff over as you carry them. Wicker furniture, on the other hand, is lighter. Wicker’s light weight makes is easier to bring indoors, which saves you effort and energy.

Resilient to Any Weather

Sun, rain, snow – wicker furniture can endure them all. This doesn’t mean that you should keep them exposed to the elements, though. Wicker can withstand them only for a short while. Place them in a shady area, such as a sunroom or a patio so there’s some protection against harsh sunlight or downpour. Wood and iron can also tolerate bad weather conditions, but water damage to wood can attract molds, which can be difficult to remove.

Versatile for Any Type of Décor

Using wicker chairs and tables does not only make your home look great, but is also more cost-effective. You can leave them as they are or add some cushions on them. You can also place afghans for a decorative touch. Custom seat coverings are also an option. This way, you can improve the look of your furniture whenever you want without spending lot. Wood and iron furniture are not as adaptable, which limit your decoration choices.

There are many styles of wicker furniture you can use for your home. Think about renewing the look and comfort of your living spaces with wicker chairs, sofas, and tables. Look at our selection or contact us for more information about our wicker products.


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