By: Wacky Brown

Wood is a popular material when it comes to furniture making. Some people prefer to obtain wood furnishings than synthetically-made materials (plastic, foam, steel) because they provide natural appeal and add aesthetic value to a home. Pine, ash, gum, poplar, and fir are fine examples of woods utilized for furniture Indianapolis Indiana residents rave about.

Knowing the type of wood used to build your furniture can help determine its real value, as most preferred woods like oak, mahogany, and cherry are becoming more scarce and expensive every day. By looking at the color, style, and grains of the furniture, you’ll be able to assess if it’s worth more than its selling price. Some woods have always been favored for their beauty, durability, and workability, and rate a lot higher than others. Here are some wood types you might want to inspect.

Oak – This is the most commonly used hardwood in furniture-making due to its sturdiness, weight, and texture. There are approximately 60 species of oaks grown in the US alone. They are separated into two varieties: white and red. This type of wood is also good for boat framing, trimming, flooring, and wooden desks.

Cherry – This type of wood is a bit expensive, as it’s used by most high-end furniture companies. Sometimes called “fruitwood,” it’s prized for its strong, hard, and high-quality closed grains. A craftsman from a furniture store in Indianapolis and other furnishing stores can attest to the flexibility of this wood as it’s easy to carve and polish. It’s used in making cabinet and solid furniture handles.

Maple – This type of wood is known for its immense hardness and strength. There are over 115 species of maple in the US, and only five of these are used in commercial crafting (some of which are sugar and hard rock maple). It’s used for flooring, high-end furniture, and wooden wares.

Walnut – Known for its versatility and sturdiness, the walnut wood is commonly used in solid and veneered furniture, novelties, paneling, cabinetry, and gunstock-making. It’s resistant to warping and shrinkage and can be easily refurbished if damaged. It usually grows in Asia, Europe, and America and has many varieties, some of which can be used in 18th century furniture reproductions.

Rosewood – is a close-grained hardwood with dark reddish brown color. It has an exclusive fragrance and is good for making musical instruments, piano cases, tool handles, art projects, veneers, and furniture.

As a furniture ages, its value escalates. That’s why Wicker Works, one of the fine suppliers of furniture store Indianapolis residents trust, always stresses the importance of furniture maintenance to its clients, since wood furnishings can be an ideal investment.

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