Having an extra room for a garden or a patio is a fortune any homeowner will welcome. A little bit of green in acrowded and dense area is refreshing to the eyes and lungs. However, this area on your property should also be properly maintained to keep plants from withering and the furniture from getting grimy.

When you add pieces of patio furniture to your outdoor space, you should take responsibility for their upkeep. That’s the only way to prolong their life and maintain their elegance.However, it is important to note that not all furniture are made the same, so maintenance procedures may vary as well. Here are some caring, cleaning, and general maintenance tips that will come in handy soon:

Delicate Patio Furniture

Follow the Manufacturer’s Guide

Depending on where you purchase the outdoor furniture, it will probably come with a maintenance guide. For some who get a customized set, asking the store about cleaning instructions is a must. The best way to care for delicate pieces is to follow instructions to a tee. If you’re unsure of what to do, contact a trusted outdoor furniture store for guidance.

Always Start with Light Regular Cleaning

Before you start scrubbing with all your strength, try to clean lightly first. There are some stains, dirt, and dust that are easily swept off using a soft brush. The key is to regularly clean the furniture so that dirt does not build up on it. Fresh stains and dust are easy to clean off, sometimes all you need is a damp cloth and everything is perfect again.

Cleaning and Maintenance Depends on Furniture Material

The way to clean outdoor furniture will also depend on the material. Wicker sets, for example, are very easy to hose off with a pressure washer and mild soap. Wooden outdoor furniture should be coated with varnish before it can be washed with soap and water. Metal-framed pieces are usually rust resistant and a quick washing with water and soap should do the trick. The way to clean outdoor furniture is different. Again, always ask the store about the best cleaning method to ensure you do not damage the furniture during cleaning.

Protecting and Storing

Yes, outdoor patio furniture are meant to be used and displayed outside. However, they are not resistant to the wear and tear of Mother Nature. On hot summer days, keep the furniture covered to avoid excessive damage from the sun. During the rainy and winter seasons, if you have furniture that isn’t metal, bring them inside for storage. Water and snow can do a lot of damage on expensive and delicate outdoor furniture. When the weather become pleasant and you can enjoy breakfast outdoors, you can return the furniture outside once more.

Extra Care and Attention Go a Long Way

After buying a set of furniture from the local outdoor furniture store, homeowners should include care and maintenance for these pieces in their chores. Outdoor furniture adds a lot of aesthetic value to a garden as long as they do not look worse for wear. With the right care and cleaning, most outdoor furniture can last years and still look brand new.


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