Many homeowners in Indy find that having excellent Indianapolis wicker furniture as an integral part of their interior or exterior design makes for a creative, stylish, and sturdy set. Indeed, wicker can come in various colors and can complement just about any decorating style. However, as with any other type of furniture, it is not without maintenance needs, which is why homeowners should always remember to:

Keep it out of the sun.

Wicker has natural fibers which could get too dried up if left for long under the sun, so be sure to minimize exposure, especially if the furniture piece is sitting outdoors. Excessive heat can do pretty much the same extent of damage. You should also dust and run a vacuum through them regularly so as to get dirt off the nooks and grooves.

Care and Cleaning Keep Wicker Wonderful

Don’t get it too wet.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is wicker that gets drenched, whether through rains or excessive washing—this could cause the furniture to go limp when left to dry on its own, so dry it up as soon as possible, usually with the help of a hair dryer, so it doesn’t soak up any more moisture. When doing so, though, be sure not to weaken or put too much stress on the strand length.

Remove mold growth ASAP.

An article in, written by Donna Boyle Schwartz suggests one way to get rid of mold and mildew in wicker furniture:

To eliminate mold or mildew, wipe with a mixture of 25% white vinegar and 75% water, then wipe again with plain water.

You can also use a simple 50-50 mixture of bleach and water. When using this technique, clean the furniture first, dip a soft bristled brush into the solution, and scrub it onto the areas affected by the mold. Rinse it down afterwards, and don’t forget to dry the furniture immediately.

Repair broken slats.

Use wood glue to patch up parts of your wicker furniture with the most broken or damaged slats and allow it to dry. You can also buy some strands to rewrap furniture legs that have a few missing pieces. For this, you’ll need a small-headed hammer, some short fishing nails, and a utility knife or some scissors.

If you need replacement wicker furniture, or you simply couldn’t get enough and want more, turn to reliable furniture distributors like Wicker Works of Brownsburg. One of the most important keys to having stylish and durable Indianapolis furniture that lasts a long time is proper maintenance and just the right amount of care.

(Source: Care and Cleaning Keep Wicker Wonderful, Bob Vila)