Establishing an outdoor living space is beneficial to Indianapolis homeowners. The question now is: how exactly would they figure out its design? writer Joe VanDerZanden offers a few tips for conceptualizing the outdoor living space design:

The first step in the design process is conducting a thorough evaluation of your habits and routines as they pertain to an outdoor lifestyle. John makes sure to query his clients about when, and in what manner, they envision themselves spending time outside.

“Some see themselves enjoying a morning cup of coffee with the paper on the patio, soaking up the morning sun,” he says. “Others might be keen on a season of weekend cook-outs in the shade or relaxing with family around a crackling fire pit in the evening.”

Once homeowners know the intended function, it will be easy to think of other elements like flooring and pavers. Additionally, homeowners can pick out the ideal Indianapolis patio furniture to make the most of their exterior living area. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

make the most of your patio

Consider pieces that can withstand any weather

Are homeowners planning to use the outdoor area all-year round? If so, they should select furniture that can hold up to even the worst things that Mother Nature has to offer, especially since Indianapolis weather is often unpredictable. A popular option is metal furniture. However, some metal pieces can be prone to rust.

Taking this into account, a smart alternative to consider is wicker outdoor furniture for Indianapolis homes. Wicker pieces are made of natural and durable plant materials such as rattan, bamboo, and reed. To enhance these materials’ protection against the elements, weatherproofing coating is usually applied. Another option is synthetic wicker pieces, which are made to resemble natural ones but are more weather-resistant.

Look into the pieces’ weight

Are homeowners planning to use their outdoor space mostly for entertaining guests? Metal furniture are bulky and heavy, making them difficult to move around to accommodate guests. Meanwhile, wicker furniture are lightweight, which means they can be easily moved around to transform the space into the ultimate entertainment area.

Take into account the pieces’ comfort

Is the patio meant to be a relaxing nook? If so, homeowners should choose furniture that allow for comfortable seating for reading books or simply enjoying a glass of wine. Wicker furniture, for instance, can be fitted with comfy cushions.

How does one maximize his or her exterior living area? Designing the space according to its desired purpose and choosing appropriate furniture are helpful suggestions from the experts. Of course, when it comes to quality pieces, homeowners can depend on companies like Wicker Works of Brownsburg for their outdoor furniture needs.

(Source: Make the Most of Your Patio,, March 12, 2014)