When is the best time to make over a living room? There is no universal rule, but one can consider doing so in the fall since this signals the start of the holiday season, where households frequently have guests over. The problem is: some may already be on a tight budget as preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fortunately, the Freshome.com staff offers suggestions for decorating on a budget:

Furniture is a wise place to spend your money because it will likely last for years. Unlike paint colors that will fall out of style or accessories that will lose their luster after a few years of wear in tear good furniture could last for decades.
It also serves the duel [sic] purpose defining a room with just a glance. Once you have a solid bedroom suit for your sleeping space or a sofa and chair set for your living room, half the work is done. You’ll only have to add small touches to pull the room together, rather than trying to create a cohesive space with a bunch of décor items and no center to tie them together.

With that said, what homeowners should set their minds into is buying furniture in Indianapolis that can stand out on its own. One option is wicker furniture, which can make any living room seem casual but elegant at the same time. Here are a few tips for choosing this type of furniture for a living room:

the 10 most important tips for decorating on a tight budget

Get the right measurements

Even when the wicker furniture in Indianapolis homes are intended to serve as the living room’s main focal point, they should still be of the appropriate size. Acquiring furniture that’s too big will not only crowd the space, but make the room appear cluttered too.

Look carefully into the furniture’s construction

Carefully look into how the weaves are tightened. Too loose weaves wherein there are noticeable gaps in between can mean diminished durability. Durable furniture should be matched with comfy cushions where family and friends can easily lounge comfortably, while watching important Indianapolis events like the Indy 500.

Match the furniture’s shade with the walls’ hue.

Homeowners don’t have to exactly match their furniture’s color with their walls’, but it helps to choose furniture in the same color palette as that of their walls. For instance, if the walls belong to a neutral color scheme, like taupe, it is fitting to choose furniture in beige or khaki hues.

How does one re-do a living room on a budget? One tip is to choose stand-out furniture like the ones offered by Wicker Works of Brownsburg. This company provides wicker and rattan furniture that can fit any budget, size, and style.

(Source: The 10 Most Important Tips For Decorating On A Tight Budget, freshome.com)