Nearly every apartment or house with at least a couple of storeys will have a balcony that provides a great view of the surrounding area. However, you might want to recharge your batteries by sitting back and relaxing on quality outdoor furniture in Indianapolis, such as wicker-based affairs. In an October 22, 2013 article for the Ground Report, writer Stacey Doyle explains:

“Wicker furniture has become increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor living spaces. From an airy living room to a decorative patio, people are using wicker furniture and accents throughout their homes and backyards.”

There’s nothing wrong with going for a house/apartment with a balcony. In fact, many houses in Indy sport balconies of various sizes, foremost being a rather unique 26,000-square-foot mansion at 4923 Kessler Blvd East Drive, which has a single balcony wrapping the second floor. When you have a more modest balcony that needs some furniture love, you can count on stores such as Wicker Works of Brownsburg to light the way.

7 reasons to choose wicker furniture

According to Doyle, one of the prime elements of any outdoor furniture piece is the ability to endure various weather conditions. Wicker furniture pieces, in particular, will have waterproof coating to prevent rot caused by prolonged exposure to the elements; how many times have you seen furniture in other balconies get thoroughly soaked? A wicker store specialist will also pitch you the furniture’s capability to shoulder hefty weight due to its woven construction.

Wicker furniture is also not as heavy and cumbersome as other furniture materials such as teakwood. Wicker strands are already lightweight and strong to begin with, which provides the advantage of easy mobility when you are looking to bring them out from the adjacent room.

Some balconies are not quite the expansive lot you think they are; as such, you must carefully choose which wicker pieces will work to your advantage in maximizing the space. For example, in a balcony with a total floor area of around 60 square feet, two wicker chairs and a small table may suffice, whether they’re positioned near the railing or adjacent to the door. You can also add some plants for a more homely appearance.

Balconies provide endless opportunities to savor the view and enjoy private moments with loved ones. The experience is even better when you chill out on exquisite patio furniture that Indianapolis companies like Wicker Works are known for selling.

(Source: 7 Reasons to Choose Wicker Furniture, Ground Report, October 22, 2013)