With the warm sun shining down again after an eternity of frost and snow, people are heading outdoors for hikes and campouts, or simply lounging around, soaking nature’s marvel on their Indianapolis outdoor patio furniture. To get the most pleasure out of your own patio space, don’t just settle for the first set of patio furnishings you find— look for comfort, color, resilience, and of course, value.

8 tips for choosing patio furniture

The List

Begin your search for the perfect outdoor furniture by making a list of the things you want set up in the patio. Go to your patio and imagine the fixtures that you need to have. Do you want a living room, or an extended dining space, where you’ll want a nice grill, some potted plants, or even a dining table with some chairs, if you have the space for it.

Buy Low-Maintenance

When shopping, you might want to opt for furniture materials and types that generally don’t need a lot of tending. The thing about outdoor furniture is that they have to battle the weather, so they have to wear out well. It only makes sense for you to choose durable materials like metal, cedar, or wicker. Wicker furniture, in particular, can last for a long time and still maintain its shape and appeal.

Think about Storage

It’s always important to consider storage when buying outdoor furniture, as an article from Better House and Gardens, advises:

“Add years to the life of your patio furniture by storing it in a protected location, such as a garage or basement during the off season. Even the toughest furniture, such as teak chairs or a wrought-iron settee, will last longer if it is placed in storage when not in use. If your storage space is limited, look for patio furniture that folds or is easily taken apart for compact storage.”

Cushion Considerations

What would a piece of furniture be without a bunch of nice, comfortable cushions on it? You should remember, however, that your cushions will not last as long as the wood or metal framework with little to no maintenance. Buy only cushions made with waterproof foam, otherwise, they might be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, or simply go crumbly in hot weather.

Always be smart when buying outdoor furniture in Indianapolis from sources like Wicker Works of Brownsburg. Your outdoor furnishings can add value to your investment with improved curb appeal. With spring afoot, a spruced up patio provides an excellent place to watch the foliage come to life, without leaving your house.

(Source: 8 Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture, BHG)