Summer is fast approaching. Thoughts of freezing temperatures are all but gone for some people, and pretty soon, it’ll be time to bring out those flip-flops and sarongs, not to mention chilled lemonade.

Rattan Wicker

Yet do not worry if you cannot go to an actual beach to enjoy such pleasures, according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. According to author Susan Redman, you can recreate the authentic feel of a beachside cabana right in your own home by incorporating one of the top 10 summer interior decorating trends for 2014: wicker.

“In recent years, rattan and wicker furniture, especially chairs and table settings designed for outdoor living, got us in the mood to accept more textural offerings elsewhere in the home. Now seating, beds and case goods are being woven out of all kinds of natural fibers, including new ways with vibrantly painted bamboo. Outside, wicker has become very colorful with the introduction of sophisticated new techniques in making the woven strands out of weather-resistant and easy-to-dye polyester.”

Recognizing wicker’s rising popularity among summer-soaked interior design enthusiasts and homeowners alike, some Indianapolis furniture dealers are stepping up to meet demand. Woven-fiber furniture items, in particular, can serve as key accent pieces for home homes with decidedly tropical motifs.

Tropical home décor also features a palette of neutral colors like pale yellow, mellow gold, brownish, tan, camel skin hues, beige and ivory. A clever mixture of these colors, coupled with beach-inspired trinkets like seashells, palm leaves and other accents, can bring the vibrant, warm feel of summer into every home. The motif doesn’t necessarily apply only to living rooms as it works quite well for bathrooms and even master suites.

Wicker furniture pieces are best placed outdoors, however, as the weave provides adequate ventilation. The fact that it is lightweight makes wicker furniture easy to stash and reposition. Products made of rattan (a type of sturdy vine grown in tropical areas), in particular, are extremely sturdy despite their lightweight construction. In addition, classic wicker designs are flexible enough to go with various decorating styles.

If you’re feeling the summer vibe as early as now, then you might want to begin your search for quality wicker furniture in Indianapolis soon. Trust a reputable furniture shop like Wicker Works of Brownsburg to offer a large array of wicker furniture designs.

(Source: Top 10 Interior Design Ideas for Summer, Susan Redman, October 21, 2013)