Wicker furniture adds a lovely charm to an otherwise plain-looking room. Over the years, there has been an increased demand for this product as it is both versatile and durable. However, the wide array of choices for this furniture often confuses potential buyers.

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An excerpt from a Yahoo! Voices gives helpful tips on choosing the right wicker furniture in Indianapolis:

“All natural wicker is beautiful, but water will rot it over time. This is not the best choice for a patio that is exposed to rain. There are varnishes available that will help protect the wicker furniture and extend its life. If you decide to varnish the furniture yourself, try to find a varnish that is close to the natural color of the wicker. Considering the effect that the elements have on natural materials, a covered patio is probably the best choice for unvarnished wicker. Now synthetic wicker is available, and it looks very much like its natural counterpart. Synthetic wicker may be the right choice for patios that are unprotected from the elements.

You also need to choose wicker furniture for your patio based on its strength. Reed and other similar materials are not very sturdy. The better choices for durability are cane, bamboo and rattan.”

Easy to Maintain

Some furniture require extensive maintenance, but with wicker furniture, rest assured that you will only be needing basic soap and water for clean ups. Moreover, this furniture can stand up to spills and even weathering.

For All Ages

Wicker furnishings can be enjoyed by practically everyone. Kids can enjoy nature while sitting in a deep wicker swing tied to a tree, and large families may find it refreshing to eat outdoors with their wicker dining sets. It would also be fun to add wicker lounge chairs and porch swings near the pool area.

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(Source: How to Choose the Right Wicker Furniture for Your Patio, Yahoo! Voices)