Most types of wicker furniture will add some depth and attitude to your home. As Jen Stanbrook states in a post for the Love Chic Living blog:
Traditionally rattan furniture used to grace conservatories and sunrooms. A pleasing natural product producing light and comfortable chairs, but one which would rot if left out in the rain.
The arrival of synthetic rattan on the market, however, has completely revolutionized the world of outdoor furniture. In fact, when a product is described as rattan nowadays it is most likely to be of the synthetic variety. Synthetic rattan incorporates all the advantages of the natural product with none of the disadvantages.

wicker furniture indianapolisThis furniture, which is virtually maintenance-free, can be positioned outside all-year round and requires nothing more than a light hosing down at the beginning and end of the season.
Indianapolis residents can agree with the points raised in Stanbrook’s article. After all, a casual check of houses in the Circle City will reveal pieces of wicker furniture out and about. Any way you put it, wicker furniture does have that natural appeal that will not make it look out of place, whether put indoors or outdoors. You should just be careful to get the right items for your home. If you are interested in acquiring such pieces, a reputable Indianapolis furniture shop such as Wicker Works will be there to help you out.
When shopping for wicker furniture, Stanbrook says you should consider the fiber materials in each item. These can be made of either natural wood or synthetics, and each type comes with its own set of advantages. If you are looking for furniture that is heavily resistant to wear and tear, you should consult store experts about products with fibers up to eight millimeters thick. Moreover, make sure that all of the products you buy have a strong degree of UV protection so they will not be susceptible to fading, especially if you’re intending to use them in outdoor areas.
Consider checking an item’s weaves, too. The tight composition of weaves is an indicator of durability and the skill of the craftsmen who made them. These details will also tell you whether or not you are dealing with a reliable provider of wicker furniture in Indianapolis, like Wicker Works. The best shops carry products from some of the top-name manufacturers in the industry.
(Article Excerpt and Image from A Guide to Buying Rattan Furniture, Love Chic Living, March 1, 2013)