When homeowners think of entertaining guests, they often envision serving them scrumptious food and engaging them in lively conversation around the table in a dining room. However, dinner parties don’t always have to be held indoors. If you have a patio, you can use it as an al fresco dinner venue or a lounge where guests can relax and enjoy drinks. As an article from Homedit.com says, your patio is a versatile area that you should definitely utilize:

indianapolis patio furnitureAs the other parts, patio area is also a vital part of the house. It is nothing but an outside room where you have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Patio area can be an extension of a kitchen, living room or a complete retreat. Patio area can be used for varied purposes such as an outdoor living area, a relaxation area or a lounge. Hence, it is very important to decorate it properly so that it is functional and comfortable.
Decorating a patio area is not difficult, as you already the big draws – soothing sky, warm sunlight and fresh air. All you need to put in is a little creativity.
That being said, many people are clueless when it comes to decorating their patios. Below are a few simple tips to make it a comfortable and enjoyable extension of your Indianapolis home:
What Will it Be?

Patios come in all shapes and sizes, and can be further transformed into the space you want them to be. Aside from a dining area, your patio can be used as a book lover’s corner or a barbeque spot for summer. If you have enough space, you can even partition it so it can serve two functions at the same time.
Get Comfortable Furnishing
If you are designing patios as social spaces, getting comfortable outdoor furniture from Indianapolis stores like Wicker Works should be a priority. The size and intended use of a patio should guide you when choosing the tables and seating for it.
Let There Be Light!
Installing lights allows you to use your patio even after the sun has gone down. You can opt for traditional fluorescent bulbs, but you can also use tiki torches, lanterns, or fairy lights to create a unique ambiance.
If you properly plan your patio’s design, and furnish it with adequate lighting and comfortable Indianapolis patio furniture, it will be a place that both your family and guests will love.
(Article Excerpt and Image from 5 Tips To Decorate Your Patio Area, HomeDit.com, November 4, 2010)