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Customer service is the cornerstone of Wicker Works furniture store of Brownsburg located a few miles from Indianapolis, IN on the west side. As the experts in furniture, the team at the Wicker Works furniture store in Indianapolis specializes in the “personal touch” and strives to live up to its motto:

Looking for the kind of furniture store Indianapolis can count on? The staff at Wicker Works furniture store is committed to helping clients pull together a complete look by coordinating fabrics furniture, rugs and lighting options.

Wicker Works furniture is located in close proximity to Indianapolis, IN just off of Inter State 74 on the west side. We have 25 years of experience in specializing in the sales of wicker and rattan. As a furniture store in Indianapolis, Indiana, we carry only the best manufactures so you know we can stand behind our products. No matter what concern surfaces when you know we can stand behind our products wicker or rattan furniture at our store located a short distance from Indianapolis, IN you can be assured we will take care of your needs.

Escape the ordinary with imaginative line of indoor furniture from our furniture Indianapolis, IN showroom. Created from earth friendly wicker and rattan the product lines evoke an air of world travel and spirit of adventure. Finely crafted frames, multi-layered finishes and luxurious fabrics options round out the palette and fully express your personal good taste.

Although many consumers use the terms wicker and rattan interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Wicker means woven so any product that is woven would be called wicker. Rattan is a vine but is a solid timber not hollow as a bamboo. Rattan is pliable and easily bent and curved (with the aid of steam ovens) to form many shapes for frames. Although highly flexible it is one of the strongest timbers available.

Sea grass as its name implies, is a grass harvested from the sea. This intriguing material is cut, dried twisted and then woven into various patterns over a frame to form furniture items.

Banana Rush, a by product of the banana tree, is made by harvesting the dried stalks and leaves from the plant. The material is twisted and woven into furniture items.

How to Decorate with Wicker

Whether they’re made of rattan, sea grass, banana rush, bamboo, or synthetic resin, the wicker pieces from our furniture store in Indianapolis embody a stylish yet casual design aesthetic. While wicker furniture is traditionally associated with summer, choosing the right accessories and accent pieces can help you update your wicker furniture so they remain stylish throughout the different seasons.

Placing a wrought iron side table next to a woven sofa, for example, can provide an interesting contrast and can add visual appeal to a living room. Adding pastel cushions and pillows to whitewashed wicker chairs can give a room a more casual look that is in style during spring.

The kind of wicker furniture Indianapolis, Indiana customers can purchase at Wicker Works come in stained, painted, and natural finishes. This is an advantage for homeowners who are considering various options when it comes to interior design. These materials can complement variety of furniture styles, from quaint and traditional to sleek and modern.

Find the Best at Wicker Works of Brownsburg

Looking for additional inspiration for decorating your home? Drop by our showrooms and discover the new trends in interior design. You will also get the chance to see the latest collections of wicker furniture Indianapolis, IN customers can buy from the top manufacturing brands in the industry.

Visit the best furniture store Indianapolis has to offer by dropping by at our indoor furniture showroom located at 860 North Green Street Brownsburg, IL. In addition to high quality wicker furniture we also offer various accessories and more.

Wicker Works of Brownsburg is just a short distance from Indianapolis Indiana. Visit the furniture store Indianapolis residents prefer for high quality products today!